Welcome to the home of the most insanely awesome cutting boards on the planet!  

These are handcrafted from start to finish in the USA.  Our Inlay sheets are also handmade and are not a cheap veneer!

It's our goal to revolutionize the possibilities of something as simple as a cutting board, and to find another way to bring a high quality, yet playful and distinct touch to your home. 

We do wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation and custom work as well. If you have something in mind, please contact us!

We can honestly say, our boards are 100% made in the USA. Where many "handmade" cutting board manufacturers purchase their lovely wholesale bamboo boards in from distributors or overseas, and then call them "made in the USA" because they are laser etched here... We actually purchase lumber and cut/glue/sand/etch/inlay/sand/finish sand/seal them right here in San Diego.  Our hands touch every square inch of them, and the scrap recycles into smaller projects and wood thins.  You will not receive foreign made product from us.  We also don't do Photoshop mock-ups in our images either.  Everything shown is a real product.  We wont display them until we have made it and tested it for premium quality.


Chopping Zombies to Cutting Boredom.

Dave, the founder of Cutting Boredom & Oliver Stuff, is a designer. He went to school for it.  He worked in the industry. One day, the Zombie cutting board popped into his head.  A few illustrations and some shop time later, he had a kickstarter campaign funding for over 700% the goal.  His boards have been featured in Food & Wine, Gizmodo, Dude I Want That, Nerd Approved, and a ton of other blogs.  How cool??  But why stop there?

He began looking at the cutting board as a blank canvas for an often time overlooked area of the kitchen.  Sure, people do really nice end grain blocks, a few do laser etched boards with wedding stuff or the exact same breaking bad meme rip offs (seriously, why does EVERYONE do the same damn thing??)... but he strives to take it farther, and provide to you a quality board with the highest possible quality inlays, laser etch, and specialty materials!